The Root Causes Of Low Morale In The Workplace

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Low morale is a common occurrence inside the workplace, while the effects of low morale are often visible it is difficult to diagnose the cause. There are various issues that coincide with low morale, which include absenteeism, low motivation, and low productivity, which can be detrimental to a business. The cause of low morale involves a myriad of complex factors such as, lack of leadership, indignant employees, micromanagement, unreasonable workloads, and high turnover are a few examples that contribute to the cause of low morale in an organization. If your company is suffering from low morale, it is crucial to seek and identify the root causes. Symptoms of low moral often begin with low motivation followed by low productivity and absenteeism. A drop, in motivation can become a wide spread issue if the cause is not identified and addressed. One unmotivated employee can cause other employees to become unmotivated (Root III, 2017). Employees who are not motivated perform at an unsatisfactory level, which in turn causes low productivity. Even if one employee is unmotivated, the consequences of low productivity can incite demotivation in other employees who, may feel like they must work harder to pick up the slack of the unmotivated employee. Poor performance from one employee can cost a business an excessive amount of time, due to reworking previous projects or dealing with unfinished tasks (Deeb, 2017). Out of all the symptoms described, absenteeism can be the costliest.

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