The Root Causes Of Mass Immigration In California

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The decision to shift into mass production was one that was spurred on my industrialization and a wider demand for the product. Not only were jeans easier to make in the factory, they were created more efficiently and in bigger volumes. With the wave of mass immigration, came a significantly larger working class who all needed work wear that could withstand the job’s demands. Ultimately the decision to mass produce was an economic and practical one.
Only decades after, the movement of mass proportions was propelled by the discovery of gold in California territory. As such, it ended with the inundation of this region by a wave of largely unwelcome immigrants from all outside corners. Immigrants like Strauss and Davis sought to cater to the needs and tastes of a more diversified populace. Even today, San Francisco has a minority-majority population, with a Caucasian ratio of less than half. This facilitation of diversity makes California a distinctive region. Out of which came Levi Strauss jeans, an object of American iconography with an enduring longevity.
A flood of diversity experienced at this time compares early California to the biblical Babel. Population growth was so staggering that the availability of gold nuggets scattering the countryside to people of all stations purported a mass immigration that instantaneously grew by tens of thousands, eventually reaching hundreds of thousands. Racism and prejudice are root causes of immigrants heading west. Just as miners
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