The Root Of Female Subjugation

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Marlee Taylor Taylor1
Dr. Khadidja Arfi
Paper One: Marx & Engels Identifying the root of female subjugation in society is a conundrum that extends over numerous decades and on into present day, time and time again. Some scholars and feminists have frequently deemed the biological make-up of woman and their aptitude to reproduce the source of gender oppression. It seems the natural ability to give birth is often contended whether or not to be a restrictive factor of female activity. In a modern society as industrialized and innovative as present day where attention is much more focused on supple thoughts, the masculinity of the physical male becomes an untenable reason for superiority over the organic element of motherhood. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels argued that the alleged impeding factors of the female sex links directly to the developments of reformed social relations regarding production and the family under capitalism, triggering social and economic defeat throughout human history and on into present society where traces of gender subjugation are still found. Initially, research says society was an equal, communal effort until the conceptualization of production, which resulted in the creation of private property and laid the foundation of capitalism. Marx and Engels coined the term Egalitarian “Primitive” Communism based on the initial hunting and gathering community where all
labor efforts where equivalent among diverse…
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