The Root Of Global Warming : Are Humans At Fault?

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The Root of Global Warming: Are Humans At Fault?
The earth is warming. No credible scientist will deny this fact. Certain gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, trap and absorb the sun’s energy and re-radiate that thermal radiation in all directions, which causes the Earth’s surface to warm. This is known as the greenhouse effect, which is another undeniable fact. The greenhouse effect is not a new concept, however the media portrays its influence to be entirely harmful on the climate. Most people fail to realize that if greenhouse gases were absent in the atmosphere, the average global temperature would drop to -18°C (Farley 69-75). It is safe to assume that the greenhouse effect is vital to human lifestyle and existence because without greenhouse gases the oceans would be completely sheeted by ice and the entire biosphere would be dramatically different. On the other hand, an overabundance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could also prove to dramatically change Earth’s environment by flooding most of the land on earth and then leading to a possibly massive drought. Humanity as a whole needs to realize that the emissions released during human activity, especially carbon dioxide, are greatly affecting the climate. While looking at concrete facts, even though a 1500-year natural earth cycle is evident, the fastest temperature increase in recorded earth history cannot be disregarded, and neither can the melting ice caps due to increasing atmospheric carbon

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