The Root Of How Cami Still Goes About Relationships

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As child, Cami always saw how independent her mother was. She never saw any man besides her uncles come around. It wasn’t until she got to middle school that she realized it was strange not having a father. When she would see other children with both their parents and wonder why her mom was by herself. When she would question her mom she would always tell her, “you have to put yourself first and become who you want before ever investing in a relationship” to which Cami would respond: “but don’t you want a prince like everyone else mom?” Eventually, her mother’s words became the root of how Cami still goes about relationships. Although Cami tries to stay away from labels and commitment so she can be an independent woman, she still want the ideals behind an institutional and companionate relationship.
Fast forward 10 years later, Cami is now a sophomore at a SUNY and still has yet to be in a real relationship. For her, “it just hasn’t happened yet” and she’s not really looking for one either. She sometimes questions whether she’s too harsh on the guys around her. She says, “I feel like my standards can be a bit high at times, but I refuse to settle just because my choices are limited at this school.” But Susan Patton’s letter claims that “you will never again have this concentration of men who are worthy of you” regarding the men in college (1). Patton believes the men in our colleges are the only ones who are just as smart if not smarter than us. Men tend to marry women who

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