The Root Of The War Between The States

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There are many topics had been considered to be the root of the War Between the States. All of these subjects are actually just facets of one and that is culture. The idea that the American Civil War was the result of divergent and clashing northern and southern cultures is one that is valid, sound, and supported. Culture affects how people perceive themselves, others, and the world. Of the many aspects of American culture there is one that stands out for being the most divisive: slavery. Its presence and lack of deeply affected three other divisive cultural aspects: ethnicity, social class, and labor. These four issues, how they interacted, evolved, how the North and South viewed them is what laid the foundation of the road to war and…show more content…
Southerners like Jefferson Davis held that the blacks’ natural position in life was slavery and for whites, specifically male, mastery. The white population The next largest was the black be they slave or free. A black could not be a citizen.
The next area of Southern life touched by slavery was labor. In the South agricultural occupations formed 84 percent of the job market by 1860. Just The view of labor was influenced by slavery, class. The South was overwhelmingly agrarian. Many nonagricultural occupations were deeply connected to agriculture. The transportation of refining selling of crops cotton being King manual labor was considered undignified. No the goal of many southern was to buy up a large amount of land to grow cash crops like cotton, sugar few proper forms of social mobility. Economy is based on the manual labor was considered to be undignified, only slaves or the poorest of whites had such professions. There are farmers the produce Yes the South development moved away from slave-based agriculture Northern States abolished Slavery at the State level Oligarchy made up of Plantation Owners. Southern considered wages to be a form of slavery. To be upper class was the ideal. Poor white focused on subsistence farming
Class: The type of labor dictated what class you were. In ascending order: black slaves, free blacks, poor urban whites, rural
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