The Root Of The War Between The States

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There are many topics had been considered to be the root of the War Between the States. All of these subjects are actually just facets of one and that is culture. The idea that the American Civil War was the result of divergent and clashing northern and southern cultures is one that is valid, sound, and supported. Culture affects how people perceive themselves, others, and the world. Of the many aspects of American culture there is one that stands out for being the most divisive: slavery. Its presence and lack of deeply affected three other divisive cultural aspects: ethnicity, social class, and labor. These four issues, how they interacted, evolved, how the North and South viewed them is what laid the foundation of the road to war and beyond. However before addressing the beyond the paper will address the South’s viewpoint.
Central to the South’s perception was the institution of slavery. Slavery was the keystone of Southern society, almost everything pertaining to the Southern way of life was touched by slavery. At the time South the basis for being a slave was race. Of all the facets of the South life ethnicity was the most impacted by slavery. Since the South was where the Slave States that meant that the black population was very high. 95 percent of the nation’s blacks lived in the South, where they made one third of the southern population. Almost all of these blacks were slaves. In spite The South was the least ethnically diverse region of America. If you were a…
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