The Roots Of The American Revolution

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The roots of the attitude of Americans today may be traced all the way back to when the people living in this land first truly became Americans; that is, amidst the American Revolution. It was during that time when the colonists residing in the thirteen British-established colonies came to the startling decision to break away from their mother country—Great Britain, whose gracious nurture and aid for the colonists became stifling tyranny and injustice—that a new belief flowered within their hearts. In the Declaration of Independence, the nation’s Founding Fathers claimed that, should a government be incapable of protecting the natural rights of the people, it is the people’s right to abolish said government. In 1776, the populace managed such a seemingly impossible and ludicrous feet, and, for a newborn nation, what Americans accomplished within the following years was nothing short of incredible. Although there were many trying times that tested the people’s tolerance and loyalty to the Union, the citizens of this land always succeeded in overcoming such hardships to remain a great nation. However, as the years went by and change rushed into the United States at a frightening pace and in ways distinctly different from the vicissitudes of the past, society progressed in rather alarming ways. By the late 19th and early 20th century, with the development of new perspectives and growth of cities, the nation was shifting into something quite frightening. It was during this time
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