The Roots Of The Food Industry Essay

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The Roots of the Food Industry:
An Ethnography of the Work Environment of Potbelly
I. Introduction
I grew up in Mason, Ohio-a well off city with an amazing school system and had Kings Island in its backyard. In my world it was completely normal to work at Kings Island, due to the location and how easy it was to join their team. I was blessed with the opportunity to work in the Food and Beverage department. This opportunity instilled values such as empathy, devotion to my team, responsibility, and a guest orientated mind set. Over the years, these qualities have continued to be a huge aspect in my life and helped lay the foundation to my role as a member of management at Kings Island.
For my ethnography, I wanted to observed an environment that had a similar familiarity to that of Kings Island-a place that I felt comfortable with and held some of the same qualities I valued. I had been looking for another job and my friend just so happened to mention that Potbelly was hiring. I was able to land an interview and joined the team. The customer orientated and homey feel of Potbelly appealed to me, allowing me to see that Kings Island wasn’t the only place that could demonstrate the value of teamwork and dedication to the customer experience.
In order to fully incorporate myself into the team I will be sure to be enthusiastic and warm with my team members, to ensure that I truly become “Food Loving” in the Potbelly Culture. This shouldn’t be a problem especially with my
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