The Roots to Happiness

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The Roots to Happiness Whether you are down to your last dime, bumming around in your worn down denim, or parading around town in your Bugatti Veyron; your attitude towards life is what you make it to be. With an optimistic outlook, you can obtain happiness in any given situation that life deals you. Do you know how to be happy? Or are you patiently waiting for happiness to find you? Looking for said happiness won’t necessarily work easily as one might think, but your thoughts and actions will help. Any individual that chooses a lifestyle of contentment, positive environment, and good health is on the path to creating a happier self. As many people believe, money brings happiness; and if you’re poor, you must not be happy. Money does buy happiness—but only until a certain point. There’s no doubt that the luxurious life of fancy cars and million dollar houses make people grin from ear to ear. Contrary to that, according to a Princeton University study, after an annual income of $75,000, money doesn’t matter or bring more happiness. "We suspect that this means, in part, that when people have a lot more money, they can buy a lot more pleasures, but there are some indications that when you have a lot of money, you will savor each pleasure less," said Kahneman, a professor at Princeton University. We see what wealthy people are televised to be. They have their hot sport cars, beach houses, and a wardrobe large enough to fit the Boise Town Square inside. In reality, not
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