The Rose Archetype

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In the short story “The Nightingale and the Rose”,Oscar Wilde tells the story about a student in love and his journey getting the girl. The author uses a round, archetype character to show how the student’s character goes from being a pathetic lovestruck to an ungrateful philosophical. At the beginning of the story the student is introduced as a love struck student that is in pain because he cannot find the red rose he needs to impress the girl he likes. The author uses an archetype character to portray how lovestruck he was. Wilde wrote,”If I bring a red rose she will dance with me till dawn. But there is no red rose in my garden,so I shall sit lonely,and she will pass me by.” The author used this to show how much he cared about finding the rose. It is an archetype because the situation is common. When you think of someone that is hurt you can imagine them being melodramatic and hopeless. The imagery of the archetype helps the reader understand the character’s past, and his feelings towards the girl.…show more content…
The author uses character development to indicate that the student was not changing as the story progresses and the author showed how pathetic the student was. “But with me she will not dance,for I have no red rose to give her”;and he flung himself down on the grass, and wept.” The author used this to show how the student dealt with his situation after he could not find the rose. He is classified as a pathetic because after he could not find the rose he gave up and began to cry. The author wanted the reader to feel sympathy for the student when he described him crying and laying down it symbolizes pathetic actions coming from the
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