The Rose Garden : An Organization

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The Rose Garden
The Rose Garden is a catering business located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The business is locally owned and operated. The Rose Garden has to be aware of the external environment and the internal environment in the organization. The Rose Garden must understand the context of the external forces, analyze it’s internal strengths and weakness as well as external opportunities and threats, and closely hone the cultural image.

Context Analysis
Every organization has an external environment that it operates in. The environment is extremely important for an organization to understand because without proper context it could cost the organization everything. In reference to the organization The Rose Garden, some of these outside factors are more apparent than others. The economic, technological, sociocultural, demographics, and political external forces are just a few of the more apparent impacts on The Rose Garden.
Economic factors impact an organization because the economy naturally determines when the best time would be for your organization to expand or contract and the economy will affect the service industry because of customers having the money to spend. Economic factors include changes in the market, changes in wages, and stability of the business (Robbins, 2005). The level of unemployment in the economy drives the hiring or firing decisions an organizations owner makes. For example, during “wedding season” when there is an influx in the amount of…

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