The Rosenbergs Essay

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The history of the United States is full of unsolved mysteries. One of the greatest mysteries which occurred in 1953 was the electrocution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg under the Espionage Act. They were convicted for giving the secret information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. The anti-communist sentiment that characterized the Cold War and McCarthyism led to their trial and execution. Even though there is some evidence of the Rosenbergs' guilt, numerous facts which were discovered after the death of Ethel and Julius argue more convincingly that they were innocent victims of Cold War hysteria. the United States almost as soon as Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945."(Larsen,24) Before the elections in 1946, the U.S.Chamber …show more content…
were selling the secrets of nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union. They arrested many people including Klaus Fuchs who was a member of the Manhattan Project and who was selling information about the atomic bomb to Moscow. McCarthy and Hoover "began a massive witch-hunt," which led to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. (Moss,220-222)
On July 17, 1950 Julius Rosenberg was arrested for spying and giving secrets about the atomic bomb to Russia. On August 11,1950 his wife Ethel Rosenberg was arrested on the charge of aiding her husband in spy activities.(Moss, 225) On Friday, June 19, 1953 Ethel and Julius were electrocuted in New York State's Sing Sing Prison. Their sons, Michael who was ten and Robert who was six were sent to foster homes and later were adopted by Anne and Abel Meeropol in 1957.(Moss, 224) How did the FBI find out that the Rosenbergs were spying and how did the investigation begin?
The investigation began when the FBI found a name, Klaus Fuchs, written in a notebook of a Russian spy. Dr. Fuchs had worked on Manhattan Project (the secret name for the project which worked on the development of the atomic bomb) from 1943 to 1946. When Dr. Fuchs was arrested, he confessed that he was giving the information about the bomb to the Soviet Union. However, Fuchs was not the only one. Harry Gold who was a Philadelphia biochemist said that he was told by his Soviet contact Yakovlev to meet Fuchs in Santa Fe New Mexico on June 2, 1945, where Fuchs would give him
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