The Ross Model Of Death And Dying

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“Death is the cessation of life as measured by the absence of breathing, heartbeat, and electrical activity of the brain” (Kirsh, Duffy, Atwater, 2010, p. 387). I never truly understood the concept until it occurred to someone close to me. That person was my father who played a central figure in my life. I lost him when I was around the age of fourteen. Through this paper, I will talk about my relationship with my father and my bereavement with his passing using the Kubler-Ross model.
The Kubler-Ross model was introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying. This model was influenced by her work with terminally ill patients. While it was originally introduced as grief for death, Kubler-Ross expanded her model
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I was a bit of a tomboy while my brother, who is one year older than me, was more feminine. I had a strong personality while he was more reserved.
Since coming to the United States, my father would make us study English every chance we had. It was stressful as a kid. We developed a fear of him. He did not smile often and spoke sternly. Thinking back, he just didn’t know how to communicate with us. We didn’t have a strong bond when we were younger so we were still adapting. Overtime, our relationship grew better but happiness does not last forever.
Our parents began arguing a lot. We were going through a financial crisis. My mother had gambling issues, which I did not know then. The first time I saw my father cry was when my mother got involved in a car accident. She survived but her left leg was not able to function as it was before. It is difficult for her to run and the pain returns from time to time. She remained bedridden for a while and I could see her getting depressed everyday not being able to go anywhere. The second time I saw my father cry was when his sister’s husband passed away in a car accident. I did not understand what was happening at the time, they gave me the phone to talk to her but she was just sobbing. Both my parents were tearing up while me and my brother were just confused and sad because everyone was crying.
The arguing continued even after she was able to
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