The Rossman 's Creative Model And The Directed Creativity Cycle

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Introduction Paper will be about the Rossman’s creative model and the directed creativity cycle and how they are applied to the challenges that we have experienced in the report. The paper will also talk about how the creative thinking models impact our roles as health managers in the future. Creative Thinking Model Rossman’s Creativity Model This creative model is a model of how the creative process works. According to Plsek (1996) Rossman came up with this model of creativity by examining their thought processes by giving 710 inventors some questionnaire. This creative model is based upon Wallas original four steps to creativity increasing it to seven steps. The defining part of this creative thinking model is that the birth of an idea is still left as a mystery which is almost the same as the Wallas model in which creative thinking comes from the subconscious mind of the person as such they cannot be directed. This model is contrast the creative models which seem to make creativity as a somewhat magical process in which even though creativity cannot be controlled they can still be directed. There are seven steps in Rossman’s model. The first step is there should first be a need for problem. For this model for creativity to start there should first be a need for it. The second step in this model is the study of the need or difficulty. For creativity to happen you should first know the extent of the need of the difficulty. The third step is to gather information about the

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