The Roswell Ufo Crash Essay

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The Roswell UFO Crash

     In 1947 a UFO was seen near the town of Roswell, New Mexico. It was witnessed by many of the residents and was described as something not of this planet. The government denies any evidence of this event occurring and has covered it up for may years. Now that more information has become available to the public, it is clear that something extraordinary happened.

     The town of Roswell, New Mexico was the location of many UFO sightings in the later 1940's and was supposedly the location of a secret military base.
Most of the local people had a story or two to tell about their experiences with these sightings, but are now coming forward with
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Written Recordings of the official statement quote Lt.
Marcel as saying, "We were so anxious in our investigation that we mistook what is clearly a weather balloon as some sort of alien space travel device."
(Roswell Reporter pg. 2) After many years of humiliation, Marcel decided to come forward with his story. He explained that he was forced by the military to change his entire story and that it was no weather balloon at all. This statement made national news and started a chain of UFO sightings from excited
UFO enthusiasts (Roswell and Other Government Cover-Ups pg. 4). Most of these sightings were most likely the wild imaginations of these enthusiasts.

     Lt. Marcel had collected many samples from the crashed object on the day of the crash and shown it to his family. His son was particularly interested in an object which seemingly contained alien writing. The objects were confiscated by the government and the life of Marcel's son was threatened. His mother was told not to speak of these things or suffer the consequences. If there was nothing but a mere weather balloon involved, the government would have no reason to make these threats. After several years of denying the events, the government was demanded by the public to declassify all of the Roswell records. It was to become public soon after when it was reported that the records had been stolen and were

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