The Round House Analysis

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The Round House, written in 2012 and set on an Indian reservation in the late 1980s, is Erdrich's 14th novel. The story is told through the eyes of a 13 year old boy, Joe, the son of a tribal judge who's mother was brutally raped and almost set on fire. While his mother withdraws into herself and her bedroom it leaves Joe and Joe's father with a deep need for justice, each seeking it in their own way. Joe's father, being a tribal judge, is searching for the legal route of detection and prosecution of the individual. He's tied up a lot in the red tape of laws and treaties governing the relationship between the Native Americans and their land and the federal government. Joe is only 13 years old and is under no need nor scrutiny to go about avenging his mother in the way of adults. He, along with his three friends Cappy, Zach, and Angus, begin their own investigating and end up doing a pretty good job of it considering their age.
The two separate ways that Joe and Joe's father attempt trying to get justice for Geraldine seem to be the two major themes of the story. Joe's father's journey for justice leads him through the complicated relationship between the federal government and the Native Americans. While the townspeople tend to govern themselves, having their own police of sorts and judges, they seem to be able to only handle issues between Native Americans on the reservation. Once it's revealed that the perpetrator is a white man the complications grow. They don't seem to
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