The Round House By Louise Erdrich

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The book “The Round House,” by Louise Erdrich was a very interesting and fascinating story. I really enjoyed every chapter and learnt a lot from each chapter I read. One amazing part of this book was the connection it had with previous stories we had read throughout the class. I can say that Louise Eldritch did a great job with this book, because it is a kind one can get addicted to. From the beginning of the book to the end, it was enveloped with Politics, injustice, race, superstition and religion. The book was all about crime and justice that a 13-year-old Ojibwe boy, Joe, experienced. Joe was sometimes called "Oops." Joe and his family lived in an Indian reservation in North Dakota, where Indian law reigns sovereign and poverty runs rampant. Throughout the story we saw Joe and his friends set out to unveil the truth and restore justice with or without the help of the law of the country after his mother was violently raped. Throughout the story it was really difficult to pick one character to write about since Louise Erdrich made each character interesting to read and write about However I managed to pick one among these appealing characters. The character i chose to write on is the main character, Joe Coutts. Joe Coutts was the son of Judge Bazil Coutts and Geraldine Coutts. Joe 's life was shattered at the age of thirteen after his mother was attacked and raped by a man who, from the smell of gasoline on her, obviously proved his intension to kill her. She survived,
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