The Royal Forest And Bird Protection Society Essay

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New Zealanders take their environment very seriously. From their native birds (Kiwi, Takahe) to their habitats (Marine, Forests). Non-profit organisations have been trying for years with the government and the community, to preserve and return the New Zealand environment to what it was before it was touched. Before man or mammal was introduced to New Zealand, it was a haven for birds and reptiles with no mammal predators. Now man and mammal have driven natives to almost extinction. It is important that the government, community and local groups work together to preserve the environment. In this report we will look at the different organisations in New Zealand that look after the environment, the cultural influences that impact on these organisations. We will then address the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society and what they do and what they have done. Then we will look at why it’s important that the community is involved in conservation management.

What is a Non-Profit Organisation in New Zealand and what Cultural Influences do they have?
What is a non-profit organisation?
A non-profit organisation is defined by five different standards.
1) Private - this means that it is separate from the government institutionally.
2) Voluntary - this means that the organisation must have a degree of voluntary participation. This can be in either operation or management.
3) Non Profit distributing - Not making a profit for their owners but rather putting the funds

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