The Royal London Hospital Nhs

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Introduction The report is about The Royal London Hospital which is carried out by NHS trust. The vision of the Royal London hospital is created and the objectives are been framed. There is proper medical improvement. This report creates new updated vision of the organization which helps in identifying the objectives. Thus various factors are evaluated and communication is made clear with the stakeholders in the organization. There have been meetings taken up by the royal London hospital so as to meet up its aims and objectives so stakeholders have been informed. The key role of stakeholders would represent the need of the interest of groups which are fulfilled by particular project. The stakeholders include everyone which is related to…show more content…
Political factors affect the organizations vision due to government hindrance. The demand and cost of hospital is rising which can be economically measured. The money is tightened. So, economic factors do affect the organizational vision. Now a day technology plays a important role which can be considered. Due to technology there is continuous rise in the life of the people. The life is increased and that is going to continue. The population is increasing and that’s the trend which is going in future. People have multiple conditions. Various surgeries and clinical patients are been provided to the patients. The diseases are dangerous but the life is been increased due to technology. There are cancer patients, heart attack patients but survival rate is raised. Even organ transplant is successful. NHS has to bear a large cost due to various treatments, techniques and the cost. Thus the government has to meet the rising demand as the population lifestyle factor. These factors affect the organization in the context as they are helpful to verify the information. Political factors affect the external environment in the organization for the goal formation. 1.3 Create a vision for an organization Vision is a long term goal which has to be accomplished by the stakeholders to meet the requirements. The vision and mission of the organization is to be in written format and every member related to the goal should know because
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