The Rudreswar Sanctuary

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The Rudreswar Sanctuary or Devaloya is a sanctuary committed to Ruler Shiva in the town of Rudreswar, under Sila Sindhurighopa Mouza (income round), on northern bank of the stream Brahmaputra, in Guwahati.

Inherent 1749 CE by Ahom ruler Pramatta Singha, in memory of his father Swargadeo Rudra Singha, the sanctuary is a fine case of a blended style of Ahom-Mughal construction modeling.


In the recent a piece of his rule, Swargadeo Rudra Singha declared his yearning to stretch Assam westward the extent that the stream Karatoya in present day West Bengal and Bangladesh, which was viewed as the boondocks of the old Kamarupa kingdom.

Some sources[who?] likewise demonstrate that his desire was to incorporate a parcel of the sacrosanct Ganga waterway inside his area.

Since Bengal was under the guideline of the Mughals, he started to get ready for a gigantic military campaign against the Mughal Domain.

A multitude of give or take 400,000 warriors assembled in Guwahati, in which different tribes from the mounds and fields met up, including the ruler of Cachar and the lord of Jaintia from present day Meghalaya. His deliberations were futile.

When his arrangements were finished he was seized with a mortal sickness and passed on in August 1714 in his camp at Guwahati.

His body was taken to Charaideo, in present day Sivasagar Region, for entombment according to aged Tai-Ahom custom.

As stated by some sources,[who?] Rudra Singha was cremated as stated by Hindu
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