The Rugrats Analysis

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Over half of Americans, 63.8% to be exact, feel they are not equally represented in the media (Horton 1). Being a kid and not truly knowing what to believe in when everything portrayed on the media is confusing can lead to segregation, delusion, and low self-esteem. While it is the child’s job to tell people what to display, the media is everyone's tool and what is showed should reflect a large amount of the population. However, other countries do not have this problem, as they excel in the varied media world. In India especially, where a sizeable 94% feel represented throughout their media (Hackett 1), this is done by the overwhelming amount of multiple races in television shows. While the portrayal of cartoons for children in America is…show more content…
One show that is an American iconic and still watched today is titled “The Rugrats” written by Arlene Klasky (Ebert 1). This show is known for its life filled with rambunctious kids and is made to be watched by kids. All main characters hold traits such as pale skin, and colored hair of primarily European descent. In fact, The Rugrats only have one differently oriented character, who is an African-American girl that rarely is featured. As one can continue to imagine, think solely concerning every colored child's psychological development as they watch this American television show. Begin to picture not being able to see an accurate representation for themselves; it can make a child, that doesn’t know any better, think there's something wrong with who they are. Through what’s displayed on television shows that a majority cannot relate to and has been hurting America in the long run. Many children develop the mentality that they are somehow not normal which leads to mental disorders, and thinking they don't belong. Race doesn’t have to be lost in the media, for example in India. India’s writer Naif Al-Mutawa has written the underappreciated cartoon “The 99” (Crinos 2). This cartoon is in the prime standard for India’s broadcast system. The 99 tells adventures featuring…show more content…
India integrated equality into television a long time ago as their children have been brought up with a sense of diversity. Whereas in America, television is an exact product of what the powerful people want to see, where children are often left without a decision and have to deal with the negative results of lost identity. India is combing races fluently into television and hopefully the rest of the world will too. If over half of the country cannot feel represented in America, but its population is so diverse why does television fail to display all races? The answer is up to the children as they hold the voice to make this change in
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