The Rule Of St. Benedict

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He believes that both should be educated, because they can have the same nature. In this society, marriage is considered sacred, but all of the children will be raised together. Therefore, no one will know who their parents are. These practices help create a shared community of property. Socrates believes that this would create peace and selflessness among the citizens. All of these practices are to insure that “the guardians will never quarrel among themselves there will be no danger of the rest of the city being divided either against them or against one another” (Plato 133). By looking at the expected actions of the citizens of this society, it is clear that Socrates deemed wisdom and selflessness as important characteristics for a perfect society to function.
In The Rule of St. Benedict, Benedict clearly writes out the routines that the monks living in a monastery should participate in. He dictates what the monks should say and read at certain times of the day. He even goes as far as dictating diets, clothing, and chores. There is a clear order of authority and steps of discipline for those who make a mistake. Benedict places an Abbot at the head of every monastery. The Abbot serves as a father figure, and is supposed to make the best decisions for the people in his care. Everyone else who holds a position is there to aid the Abbot in keeping things running smoothly. Benedict wants the monks to obey the Abbot and the Superiors that he appoints what is authorized by the
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