The Rule : The Rules For College Athletes

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The NCAA for countless years has regulated and overseen the actions and conduct of the players they hold. The rules the NCAA has in place are there to keep the playing field fair for all schools across the country. However, some of these rules put unfair restrictions on the players. One of those policies prevents athletes from profiting off of their own performance and fame. These athletes produce hundreds of millions of dollars for their respective schools every year but do not get a penny in return. Not only is this unfair but it is quite inhumane, the NCAA practically owns the players and gives them little freedom. I believe that rules should be changed to allow college athletes to profit off of themselves. To start this off I will…show more content…
Everyone wanted his jersey and wanted to see him play. Manziel single-handedly made Texas A&M one of the top programs in the country in ticket and merchandise sales. However, this fame came with certain speculations. In August of 2013, Manziel was accused of accepting a five-figure amount of money, in exchange for his signature on some memorabilia. This would be in direct violation of NCAA bylaw which prohibits players from accepting money for sale of a product or service.Manziel was suspended for half of a game for his offense. Earlier that year a merchandise store for Texas A&M sold a helmet autographed by Manziel to raise money for $18,000. In what way is it fair that everyone else is allowed to profit off of him but he can not even profit off of himself. Keep in mind it was his talent and skill that brought him into the spotlight so why should he not be able to benefit from that? This NCAA policy promotes the ownership of athletes who are at an unfair disadvantage and should be changed. Social Media has given many young stars their rise to fame. With the increasing popularity of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. This was the case for Youtube star and University of Central Florida kicker Donald De La Haye. Donald was known for his incredible kicking trick shots and sport-related videos. With over 100 thousand subscribers and over 5 million views Donald began making money off of his
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