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The Rule of Law The United Kingdomis generally regarded as a country that has a tradition of respect for the rule of law. In general terms this means that there is a historical tradition of public bodies providing a specific legal justification for their actions, and of the courts adjudicating impartially on disputes between citizens and on disputes between citizens and the state. Furthermore this also means that those in power will abide by the rulings of the courts. However adherence to the rule of law does not mean that public authorities do not act illegally. The central issue is that such unlawfulness is identified and remedied. Many societies that today expound the virtues of the…show more content…
A contemporary example of Dicey's theory can be seen in the case of A-G V Blake where the House of Lords allowed the Attorney General's claim for a freezing order to prevent the defendant for receiving further royalties due to a breach of Contract with the Crown. In his second concept of the rule of law, Dicey was concerned to distinguish English law from the law of, for example, France, where there was in contrast to England, a separate set of administrative courts for adjudicating in legal disputes between a subject and a government official. Such disputes would in England at the time be dealt with in the ordinary civil courts. He expressed this by saying that "every man whatever his rank or condition, is subject to the ordinary law". Dicey expressed his third concept in relations this time only to the English law. He pointed that the rights of the individual were dependent and determined by the ordinary law of the land as developed by the ordinary courts adjudicating in particular cases. He would have had in mind that in England such rights were not based

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