The Rules And Procedures Of Referenda And Plebiscites

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Brescia University College Students’ Council REFERENDUM POLICY EFFECTIVE: SUPERCEDES: N/A AUTHORITY: Council RATIFIED BY: RELATED DOCUMENTS: By-Law #2 PAGE | 1 of 2 PREAMBLE: The purpose of this policy shall be to outline the general rules and procedures of referenda and plebiscites. The BUCSC strives to ensure to the best of its abilities fairness and equity between parties and the process are upheld. This comes with the understanding that situations may occur outside of the bylaws scope of jurisdiction and control. Referenda can be susceptible to outside influences and external actors. 1.0 DEFINITIONS 1.01 “By-Laws” means the By-Laws relating to the transactions and affairs of the BUCSC, including By-Law #1 and By-Law #2 and…show more content…
2.04 The results of a plebiscite shall not be binding. 2.05 Any referendum or plebiscite requiring a motion of Council must be posted as required by By-Law #1. The CCO shall advertise meetings of Council, in which motions and writs to hold referenda or plebiscites will be put forward, on the official BUCSC website and any relevant form of social media. 2.06 For the purposes of this policy, the number of students in the student body shall be the number of full-time equivalent students registered at Brescia University College. 2.07 The results of any referendum shall be binding only if a minimum of 20% of the student body vote in the referendum. 2.08 A referendum may be initiated either by Council or by students at large. 2.09 A plebiscite may be initiated either by Council or by students at large. 3.0 STUDENT-INITIATED REFERENDUM 3.01 For the purposes of this Section: (1) A “policy issue” means any issue or proposal, which is not likely to have any direct financial or legal implications on the BUCSC; (2) The Executive Board, in consultation with any relevant individuals and/or committees, shall determine

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