The Rules And Regulations On The Areas Of Global Wine Industry

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This report is analysis of the rules and regulations in the areas of global wine industry. With the emergence of “New World” players in the global wine industry has been lost a lot of “Old World” market share (). Initially, France, Italy simply laughed processing technology of the new player, such as U.S and Australia. However, it soon became apparent that the new traditional wine production poses a serious threat to those traditional winemakers. The French in particular were hurt when they began to lose its coveted in the world market share as British markets to Australian. The main issues discussed in this report are what are similarities and differences in the ways between the New World and Old World wine producer.


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France as known as regions AOC and DOC in Italy. The taste of old world wine is tonic, which means tough, strange and bitter feeling in the mouth. The wine can keep for many years and improved by years. There are no freedom and must follow tradition to produce.

New World wines (which outside Europe) () mainly imported from European countries and have freedom to experiment wine laws. They have short history (protect only) and the origins of wine usually have clear geographical boundaries; they are more easing requirements for grape varieties, year, planting and brewing methods; generally they named the wine by grape varieties and only limited vintage, wine varieties allow the deployment of proportion. As for new world wine cannot keep it longer, normally drink it straight away.


The vine is used to describe the grape, because grapes are climbing plants. Mediterranean climate is the most suitable climate for grape to grown, which the weather not too hot and not too cold, between degree 30°-50°N and 30°-50°S. Different types of soil produce different result on the wine, even using the same grape variety. The condition of poor soil

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