The Rules And Regulations On The Areas Of Global Wine Industry

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This report is analysis of the rules and regulations in the areas of global wine industry. With the emergence of “New World” players in the global wine industry has been lost a lot of “Old World” market share (). Initially, France, Italy simply laughed processing technology of the new player, such as U.S and Australia. However, it soon became apparent that the new traditional wine production poses a serious threat to those traditional winemakers. The French in particular were hurt when they began to lose its coveted in the world market share as British markets to Australian. The main issues discussed in this report are what are similarities and differences in the ways between the New World and Old World wine producer.


Only the strong can survive and develop, which is common to all aspects of the world. In the wine industry, "New World" challenges "Old World" and gradually takes the better position in the market competition. The report recognizes the reasons given case specific analysis pleading wine. As a result, the qualitative analysis of the regions wine will be the main methods of reasoning of this paper. The truth is disclosed in the "New World" how comparative to the "Old World" wine industry.

The Base-viewed between “Old World” and “New World” wines

There are nearly 70 countries producing wines all around the world. These producers divide into “Old Wine” (e.g. France, Italy) and “New Wine” (e.g. U.S, Australia) (). The former has more than 1000

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