The Rules Of Attraction Essay

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In Bret Aston Ellis’s The Rules of Attraction, drug and alcohol abuse runs rampant throughout the novel. The main characters of the novel, Sean Bateman, Lauren Hynde, and Paul Denton, heavily use drugs and alcohol throughout the novel. Moreover, as the author portrays, drug and alcohol use are heavily integrated into the college campus culture, as nearly every character is using a wide assortment of drugs or alcohol readily available in the 1980s. Even though awareness of this problem is spreading, drug and alcohol use is still a big concern decades later. First, the problem of alcohol use and abuse will be explained. An analysis will reveal that Ellis’s The Rules of Attraction is an accurate portrayal of the drug culture on college…show more content…
Deans, professors, and those entrusted with the nation’s children tolerate the fraternity rushes and the beer consumption at football games as an inevitable part of campus life (Califano, “Tolerating a Culture of Substance Abuse”, “Why Students Drink and Take Drugs”). Students report that they take drugs to manage stress: “CASA surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2,000 students, who said they did so to relieve stress, relax, have fun, forget their problems and be one of the gang” (Califano, “Why Students Drink and Take Drugs”). Yet, taking drugs to manage stress seems to have the opposite effect. Drug and alcohol use is “linked to poor student academic performance, depression, anxiety, suicide, property damage, vandalism, fights and a host of medical problems” (Califano, “Tolerating a Culture of Substance Abuse”).
The problem of rampant drug and alcohol abuse and how integrated it is within college campus life is accurately portrayed in Ellis’s novel, The Rules of Attraction, and actually echo many of the statistical facts stated above. The book opens with Lauren’s account of how she lost her virginity, where she was gang raped by two men from the town not enrolled in the college when she lay unconscious for most of the event, having drunk too much. Moreover, she always envisioned that she would lose her virginity in that way, which is a profound statement,
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