The Rules Of Oppression By Friedrich Nietzsche

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The Rules of Oppression
For this assignment, I was asked to create an essay demonstrating my knowledge from the semester, by elaborating on the topics discussed in class on philosophers of morality. The philosopher that maximized my attention was Friedrich Nietzsche. Per Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Nietzsche wrote on “on truth, morality, language, aesthetics, cultural theory, history, nihilism, power, consciousness, and the meaning of existence.” (Wilkerson) Nietzsche’s work on morality, titled Master and Slave Morality implemented questions I have pondered in regards to the choice of who controls power in the world, because it is often that those control power assumed their position by bullying those who pose a threat, thus inciting an inferior feeling. A question that reoccurred while studying Nietzsche was “how do the people who are forced in to his master/slave complex break free of their master’s grips?” The answer to my question is also in Nietzsche’s work, and is titled Transvaluation of Values. Transvaluation of Values occurs when the slave class over throws or resists their masters, (a flip in power structure) therefore those who are placed in the roll of slaves due to their values, and beliefs will continue to break free of their oppression, because of the opportunity named Transvaluation of Values.
Within my class room we defined The Master and Slave Morality System as classifying people in to two categories: master, and slave. Other names for the…
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