The Rules of Islamic Laws Essay

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There are certain Rules Which Create Prohibition, Approvals or Disapprovals in Islam. We Will see in the following discussion that how these rules are Categorized. As Muslim Jurits have use the word Hukum-ul-Shari for these rules we will also see that how the jurists have defined it. These rules have been given in form of Wajib Makrooh Mustahaab Haram Mandub and etc. We Will try to differentiate them from each other by the views of Classical Jurists. These rules are there to control the life style of the human beings specially Muslims. And these commands have been given through a communication and this communication between Allah and the Mankind has been defined by Immam Shafi. The Rule of Islamic law (Hukum-al-Shari). Islamic Law has…show more content…
Wajib is defined by the jurists as a thing which has been proved by an allegorical evidence and it’s status will be equal to that of Fard .However the Hanfi Consider Fard a thing without which one may be left outside the mode of Islam . Now the jurists have a couple of view upon the fact that which Hukm will cause an obligation or that how a demand will be seen as categorical. The First view is that if the demand is w.r.t to Amar, Hukum and that if the language constitutes an Amar or an imperative sense it constitutes and Obligation. Whereas Immam Ghalzi puts forwards his own view stating that if the demand is followed by a punishment will be known as categorical demand and it will create an Obligation. Now Demands are of 2 types One tell us to do something and the second one tells us to abstain from something. Things to be done are Obligation which has already been discussed. Whereas the things which are not to be Done are Known as Prohibited or Haram in Arabic. In its Book Weiss says that it is the nature of law that prescribes an obligation or permitted. Haram is when the demand is made for omitting of acts and is expressed in binding terms . Examples can be seen in the cases of Adultery, Riba, Intoxication and Etc. Even Marriages with the women of Hurmat have been declared Haram and all of the relations in that category have been clearly told by Allah in Quran . So In this way Allah Expressly Forbids Muslims to
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