The Ruling Leaders of Syria Essay

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vThe desire to rule a country, set up a powerful kingdom that could run for a longer time, and names markup the history is almost every human’s wish. Lives, money and so many other precious things have been put into use to save kingdoms. One such example of ruling the kingdom is in that of Syria. The Asad family is running the kingdom since decades, four decades indeed. The king runs a rule of law, modified by him for him, and his powerful allies. Now that the Syrians have had much of the brutalities and sufferings from the king’s government, they at last decided to stand up against the king, and force him to step down from the throne.
The Syrian opposition who is trying to set up an Islamic rule of law in the country, contrary to the
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The Syrians planned a peaceful protest against the king, and wanted the king to step down of the power. The protest lasted. The Syrian thought the protest would make the king to step down from the throne and would not turn up to be so violent, cause life and home loss and demolish the syria’s infrastructure, things went wrong. In the deepest desire to run the kingdom, and unlike other democratic Arab governments, the Bashar’al’Asad administration took to violence to calm down the protestors. Hence started a civil war in the country that led to killing of millions Syrian. This protest that is still in its full bloom, left tens of thousands dead, millions left their home, and took their shelters to neighboring countries like turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. According to a survey, more than eighty thousand people died, and millions homeless in the twenty four months.
The higher flames from that of the war in Syria need to be stopped. The head of the opposition party, the al Nusra front is said to have stronger connections with the leader of al Qaeda, Aiman al Zawaheri, who was senior advisor to late Osama Bin Laden. The Al Nusra front is heavily armed by the the al Qaeda, and the arsenal provided to them by the al Qaeda is both of light and heavy type. The Syrian government is therefore facing heavier and stronger offense from the opposition.
The United nation’s office in the
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