The Run And Gun Is The Genre Filling Countless Testosterone Induced Boys Joy With Dreams Of Saving The World

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The run and gun is the genre filling countless testosterone-induced boys joy with dreams of saving the world with only their guns and explosions. Starting with Ikari Warriors and Contra following suit in the mid-80s, the genre continued to impress audiences in the 90s with Gunstar Heroes, Sunset Riders, Alien Soldier, and Nazca’s (a company made up of former Irem developers) Metal Slug.

After the success of the first Metal Slug, SNK purchased the company before releasing Metal Slug 2. The game suffered from a tremendous amount of slowdown and several other issues. Nazaca responded to this updating MS 2 into Metal Slug X.

But fast forwarding to the year 2000, various arcade companies were on their last legs in an era where 3D has taken
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This was trend that was popping up in the genre since Hard Corps. This is probably what makes this game unique is that it offers players outstanding replay value.

Whether its fighting yetis and zombies while riding on an elephant that blows fire out of his trunk, up in the sky with an ostrich killing hundreds of people, destroying enormous snails and weird beetles, and diving underwater on a sub and killing giant crabs. In either case, all the different routes have their own unique flavor, making players appreciate how much effort Nazca put into the game.

Interestingly,the game borrows from aspects of the levels from unused levels from Metal Slug X discovered inside the game’s debug menu. At the same time, the last level is split into 4 different sections which makes for one satisfied experience but, I won’t spoil that.

Moreover, Metal Slug 3 introduces players to new items, slugs and transformations that will travel beyond anyone 's wildest dreams.

Firstly, the game introduces a few new slugs, countless that are exclusive to a certain route, including an ostrich slug, a submarine, a drill slug, a rocket ship, a Jetpack, and my favorite one, an elephant slug that can blow fire and electricity out of its trunk!!!

Additionally, new items debut here, including the Thunder cloud, which is a cloud that targets enemies and shoot them

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