The Rural Resident For The First Time Essay

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Sometimes in 2007 people made history, when the urban residents overcome the rural resident for the first time in the history of humankind. (UN, 2014) Until the Industrial Revolution, which occurred in the middle of the 18th century, people were mostly living in rural areas, and when it was 1900, there were 12 cities around the world which had more than a million of dwellers. Now, roughly half of the world resides in urban areas. Moreover, the number of cities with more than a million had doubled so many times since 1900 reaching 400 cities globally. In 2050, approximately, for every three residents in a countryside, seven people are living in a city (UN, 2014). Likewise, in the last 30 years, the percentage of urban population of China grown from roughly %20 to %50, which means that half of billion of human beings moved from a countryside to a city.
For several people, cities consider a universe of new opportunities, including employment (UNFPA, 2016). There is a powerful link between urbanization and economic growth (UNFPA, 2016). Throughout the world, towns and cities are responsible for above %80 of gross public goods (UNFPA, 2016). Over and over the excellent life is portrayed as a big private house and spacious green yard where children can play with the dog, and they have the advantage of large areas which the hard routine urban life cannot provide. However, the world turned to be a small village due to scientific and technological development which included all
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