The Russian Confederation

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The Russian Confederation spans two continents and is the largest country in the world. Ethnic Russians are Caucasian. Russians’ skin color and features are comparable to European Americans. They are usually fair complected, and may sunburn easily. Many Russian immigrants in the United States speak english with varying levels of fluency. Exposure to the English language is due to the fact that professional literature is often printed in English. Education is very important, baccalaureate or graduate degrees are anticipated. The attainment of high grades is emphasized and expected. Financing for education is often contributed by all members of the family, so that it may be pursued to a high degree. Family is highly valued, grandparents help raise children, especially if the parents of the children have careers. The needs of the family are considered more important than individual needs. Large multigenerational households are common. All important decisions, including health decisions, are made after the elders in the family have had an input. Various health disorders are related to the Russian culture. Russians that lived in eastern Europe, close to the Chernobyl accident, were exposed to high levels of radiation and have a greater likelihood of developing cancer. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, and gastrointestinal disorders are commonly associated with Russians. There is a high percentage of cigarette smoking among the Russian…
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