The Russian Federation Of The Crimean Peninsula

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On March 21 2014, the Russian Federation officially annexed the Crimean Peninsula after a well conducted, hybrid type operation. Throughout the history, Crimea was a peninsula of numerous disputes and fierce battles among different nations. Its location made it a strategic objective in the Black Sea Region. The Crimean Peninsula became even more valuable to a country that desperately needed access to the warm waters of this sea - the Russian Federation (Piticar 2014, 438). Moreover, this peninsula gave Russia access to the Mediterranean Sea and from there to both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. In order to get this strategic objective, Russia conducted a very complex operation that shook the whole world and changed the way the…show more content…
This is due to the very complex situations that this peninsula and its inhabitants have faced throughout the history. Undoubtedly, history is one of the complex factors that played a crucial role and ultimately led to the seizure of the peninsula. First inhabitants of Crimea were the Cimmerian people in the 5th century B.C. They were followed by Greeks in the 1st century B.C. and then by Romans in 1st A.D. During the next millennium, the peninsula was overrun by many tribes. Among these tribes were Mongols and the Byzantines. Golden Horde, the Tatars, settled in Crimea in the 15th century. The Tatars are considered Crimean natives. Although they later became Turkish vassals, they remained very powerful and culture oriented. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 2013, 12). Until the Stalin era, the peninsula had been invaded by other countries, like Russia and Germany (in World War 1). However, it became part of the USSR in 1921. Same as the other Soviet Republics, the native population was sent to other parts of the USSR, while native Russians were brought to the peninsula. The purpose was obvious – Russification (a form of cultural assimilation of a nation, making them pro-Russian) of the occupied or annexed territory (Ahsan 2015, 27). While in the Soviet Union, Crimea became part of the Russian Republic in 1945. Later, it was transferred to Ukraine in 1954 and remained part of it after the collapse of the Soviet Union. All these historical facts are important
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