The Russian Government And Computer Files At Any Given Moment?

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How would you like it if someone had access to your personal computer files at any given moment? What if your personal files were posted all around the world on television, magazines, newspapers, etc. without your permission? How would this possible you ask? Easy, the Russian Government sent Google an email asking them for access to your cloud storage. Google gave it to them with no questions. Everything is ok though because Google sent you an email saying the Russian Government was investigating something and needed your account. Would you feel better if they asked you before they took your files? Most people would not be ok with this situation. A person’s personal files should remain personal, unless officially asked by their home government to comply.

The year is 2025. You are driving home and a notification pops up on your cars dashboard. Photos had been copied out of your personal cloud as part of an official international government investigation by Russia. You immediately look through your cell phone to call your husband. The phone rings, no answer. You are thinking to yourself what is this, what is going on? You are thinking of every option possible to solve this, and then you think of your best friend Alice. Alice’s husband is a lawyer, you forget what kind, but maybe he can help. You ring up Alice, she answers. You tell her about the notice you received and you forwarded it to her. Alice is just as confused as you are, she puts the phone on speaker so Mike, her…
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