The Russian Marketing Environment

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Executive Summary The main objective of any big company is to make the brand well known worldwide and to expand the business into other countries. Market Environment is key factor for decision. For a startup of a new venture in other countries, TESCO will have to look for various factors to understand which market strategy would work in Russia. The economical, social (culture), political, legal and institutional market environment factors have to be taken in to consideration when deciding to move in to other countries with venture. For TESCO to enter into new country market with decision to start fresh, build their own stores with new brand or by takeover where they will have staff, stores and suppliers, is an important factor and takeover would be easier for TESCO with an immediate availability of infrastructure. 1 Russia Marketing Environment: Russia is a developing country and has lots of challenges and opportunities present, which plays an important role in political and the social aspect of the world. Russia is the member of important organizations, such as World Health Organization (WHO), G8, G20, and United Nation (UN). With a population of more than fourteen million Russia keeps on updating policies based on the economic development in order to facile and make the country economically more attractive to investors. Russia has an added advantage to their geographical location. The connection between Asia and Europe enables Russia to trade easily with countries in

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