The Russian Revolution Of 1917

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The Russian Revolution of 1917 did not just suddenly happen overnight, just as there was no main reason why it happened. The Revolution was more like a virus or bad bacteria. At first you barely notice it, even though you know it is there, but soon it starts to multiply and take over your body and before you know it you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. There are about 4 or 5 significant reasons why there was the revolution of 1917, with the Russian Tsar Nicolas II to be the blame for almost all of them.
One of the first significant causes of the 1917 Revolution is the notorious day in 1905 on Sunday the 22nd of January, later known as “Bloody Sunday”. In the year prior, in 1904, Russia had gone to war with Japan. The Tsar went in thinking that he could win the war quickly. But, the Russian’s underwent defeat right from the beginning. The war caused working conditions in Russia to get worse factories stopped, resulting in “…angry, hungry and unemployed workers…” So, on the 22nd January, 200,000 workers marched through St Petersburg wearing their best clothes, and carrying a petition addressed to the Tsar, hoping to make the protest a peaceful one. The petition simply stated that the people wanted “…better working and living conditions, a shorter working day, an end to the war with Japan and other reforms” The workers were led by a priest by the name of Father Gapon, who led them to the Winter Palace, where they were met by the palace guards. As soon as they

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