The Russian Revolution Of 2013

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Twitter hashtag. The events of the Ukrainian Revolution turned the world’s attention in Ukraine and media from all over the world started covering the revolution on a daily basis. The Ukrainian Revolution gained big publicity but it seemed that the opinions expressed were differing – especially the ones coming from the Western media between the Russian media. This case study will examine how four different news websites – two western ones and two Russians - framed Ukraine’s Revolution of 2013, by researching the question ‘How Western and how Russian media were covering the events of the 2013 Ukrainian Revolution’. The research will be based on a content analysis of 449 stories related to the Ukrainian Revolution that appeared in the first phase of the revolution, from 21 November 2013 to 21 December 2013. This case study will come to its conclusion after critically analyzing relevant literature and examining the findings. For the purposes of this case study, both quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis were used. LITERATURE REVIEW Throughout the years, it has been observed that conflicts are not being objectively covered by the media worldwide and the 2013 Ukrainian Revolution could not be an exception. For that reason, several articles and essays have been published from various writers during the years, identifying a different scope on the matter each. Most of the writers and journalists, who examined how various media are covering times of general mess, are now
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