The Russian Revolution Of The Soviet Union

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The Second World War left Europe utterly devastated once again, by the modern armies of Europe. The Russian Red Army liberated Berlin from Nazi dominance and control in 1945, installing their own governmental ideologies, social, economic, and political terms. Contracting postwar governments, in the post war period immediately after the war known as "Zero Hour". Once the Russians liberated Germany any type of governmental stability and law/order just deteriorated. In its wake building East Germany to become known as the German Democratic Republic (GDR) under the control of the Soviet Union. Life and society in general, was controlled by government, not just political institutions but also social institutions as well. The people were always watched and suspected by the elites in the communist party using their network of secrete spies and police. Only later to be overthrown in a domino effect of Revolutions all throughout Eastern Europe towards the final years of the Soviet Union. The Russian Communist party took hold of their negotiated part of Eastern Germany in 1945. This came about by them establishing an Eastern Front and liberating occupied nations by the Nazis and charging towards Berlin Germany, during the closing years of the war. After the Soviet Red Army heroically and miraculously defended Stalingrad and hindered Hitler 's advance towads Moscow. Berlin in ruins with no form of functioning government. "Fear, shame, anger, silence helped lay the psychological
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