The Russian Transitional Economy Essay

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SBEJ review paper Comments to the Author The paper tackles an important and interesting topic such as Barriers to Entrepreneurship. The context of investigation in the Russian transitional economy adds value to the paper too. However, here are some of the major comments 1. The original element of the paper is use of use of Double Bind Situation (DBS) theory to explain the entrepreneurial behavior in an extreme environment of transition. In particular, the paper does greater in terms of addressing the interactions of entrepreneurs and state individuals using DBST. Use of this theory to explain entrepreneurial behavior is important contribution to the field. 2. The review of entrepreneurship literature dealing with barriers is very brief. Author(s) should discuss more critically this literature by pointing some limitations. For example, paper argues that several authors have conceived of barriers as static while there is no discussion of some recent studies that use panel data technique, add dynamic component in their analysis, and of course overcome some of limitations of previous cross-sectional studies. The studies, analysis in the theoretical part are based on the cross-sectional. 3. Data and method needs some more careful details and discussion. First, there is no clear discussion how the sample of qualitative interviews was selected. This is very critical for implications of the study and its limitations. 4. Author(s) claim that ‘businesses for the study were either

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