The Russian-Ukraine Issue

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According to the circulating news, I decided to choose the most relevant topic to what is going on in the world today, and has a more personal connection to myself. For the last 3 months the world has been obsessed with the Russian-Ukrainian issue. The cold-war, through the usage of a wide variety of mass media, has challenged people to believe that Russia has been brainwashing its own citizens, as well as believe that Ukraine had persistently tried to resist this open type of propaganda. The main idea of this "event" is throwing us back to the end of the 2013, when people had just decided to strike, because of the non-competency of our (Ukrainian) ex-government in signing the EU trade agreement. At first glance, it was just a simple reaction, just a few people came to "Maidan" to strike, but soon following something went wrong. People just became stark and indigent in their actions, thus Ukrainian citizens decided to change something.

The first impression was that only Ukraine was involved with these political affairs, but later people realized that not only was the Ukrainian government inveigled into this laundering problem. Then began the most interesting. Accidentally, citizens realized that Ukraine had already been "sold" to the Western and Southern "brothers". In 2011, Janukovich decided to get rid of the army. In 2013 he decided to sell his "influence" to Russia for 15 billion; he understood that his authority is not infinite. But as for the current government, as
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