The Russian Ukrainian Conflict During Media Discourse

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Media has power to create, shape and change public opinion. At the same time, it is also created and shaped by community. In war or conflict discourse the power of media is crucial because it affects the image of the country on the international stage as well as public mood and atmosphere in the country. The ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been a matter of debate between many countries including but not limited to Russia and Ukraine. The research area of the current study is the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict in media discourse. The present study seeks to determine whether this conflict as well as its key actors are viewed and discussed differently in Russian, Ukrainian and European media, as well as whether media sources reflect particular attitude towards the conflict.
The present study covers the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its representation in Russian, Ukrainian and European media, using the following publications as methodological foundation. This literature review comprises the overview of recent media corpus-based studies on international war or conflict discourse and critical analysis of news articles on Russian-Ukrainian conflict. These studies are used as theoretical framework, although some of them are focused on different political conflicts.
Kutter and Kantner (2012) conducted a comprehensive corpus-based content comparative analysis of 489,508 news articles printed in six European Union countries and the USA starting…
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