The Rustle Of Language By Roland Barthes

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In Roland Barthes’ The Rustle of Language, Barthes is saying that sciences aren’t about content, method, morality, or mode of communication. Barthes is saying that science is taught. To him, it is taught in a way so institutions can divide and classify human knowledge, requiring us to think a certain way. By thinking inside of set guidelines, universities limit knowledge rather than allow people to think. These universities seem to have a list of sciences that are recognized, the rest are not mentioned or taught. Entwined by James Inman is a shape poem with two different sides coming together at three different parts and then splitting off. The left side appears to be a woman’s point of view of meeting a man in the park. She was sad, but when she saw this man her world seemed to stop for a moment. She said hi to this man and they sat next to each other and talked like they had known each other for awhile. This girl knew that they were meant to be together, and that their minds, hearts, and souls “would be forever entwined.” The right side seems to be the same scene but from the man’s perspective. He was sitting in the park throwing crumbs to pigeons when he saw this girl. At that moment, he felt the world stopped. He describes this woman’s eyes, calling her beautiful. He said hi to her, and describes how he felt about her. He says he knew at that moment that they were meant to be, and that their minds, hearts, and souls “would be forever entwined.” Fog by Carl Sandburg is a
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