The Rwandan Genocide And Ethnic Conflict

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1.0 Introduction
The Rwandan genocide has been a topic of discussion and study by many scholars, researchers and humanitarian bodies seeking to find the root cause of its happening. Some found out that deterioration in the political climate was the possible cause. Others argued that the Hutu elite were only safeguarding their political power from the Tutsis who had, under the colonial rule, oppressed the Hutus. The genocide was seen to be the best platform for settling scores between the two ethnic groups.
The purpose of the study is to find out whether the Rwandan genocide was as a result of ethnic hostilities or other underlying reasons while focusing on its impact on the country’s economic, social, cultural as well as political spheres. It will also seek to fill the gap of knowledge on what could be done to reduce the occurrence of such conflicts.
The African governments play a critical role in ensuring that policies are put in place to promote cohesion among the different ethnic groups that constitute the nation. The role might not have been well played hence the occurrence of the Rwanda genocide which was a massive blow on the African country. Ethnic difference might occur but how the leaders deal with them paves way for either peace of conflict. Leaders are the starting point, form the remarks they make during political rallies to their postings on social media.
The international humanitarian bodies have a role to play in peacekeeping,…
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