The Rwandan Genocide And The Genocide

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Throughout the 1600s to the mid 1990s, the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda, and the Hutu tribe of Rwanda have always been arch enemies. Although the Hutus have had a prolonged hate for the Tutsi tribe, this hate was not physically expressed, until 1994. From April to July of 1994, over 80,000 Tutsi people were murdered and tortured for their African heritage. The Rwanda genocide is considered to be one of the worst massacres the world has ever seen since the Holocaust. This paper will touch a few things that occurred after the massacre, and will also answer the questions of why this massacre started, what occurred during this genocide. The Rwandan genocide was a massacre based off of discrimination and hatred for a specific tribal group. This…show more content…
Over 300,000 Tutsis were forced to leave Rwanda and never return. In 1961 the Hutus wanted more of the Tutsi population gone. In an effort to show their strength and domination over the Tutsis, the Hutus pushed the Rwandan ruler, who was a Tutsi, into exile and forced him to declare Rwanda as a Republic. In 1962, a year after this declaration was made Belgium finally gave Rwanda its independence. After this, the Hutu people stopped harming and forcing Tutsi citizens or officials into doing what they wanted them to do, until 1994.

IV. Now that Rwanda had independence, the Tutsis began to take over and have important roles in the Rwandan society, because they were the most educated and organized tribal group in Rwanda. Since important roles in government were automatically given to Tutsis, because they were strongest and most educated tribal group, jealousy and distinctive hatred began to develop in the Hutus, against the Tutsis. V. Right before the genocide, Habyarimana, the president of Rwanda, signed a treaty with Arusha, Tanzania which allowed a sharing in power. This new power agreement made by a Tutsi president angered the Hutus, because it took away the little power they had. After this treaty was made known to the public, the major Rwanda genocide actually began. 

VI. The first murder that started this genocide was the assassination of Habyarimana. This murder was a signal to the government in
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