The SWOT Analysis of e-Commerce

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1.0: INTRODUCTION The sophisticated of technology in day by day is rapidly arising without us realize. Many people nowadays are excited to explore the application was provided into gadget such as mobile smartphone, tablet, Ipad, etc. Through this gadget most of people make this medium as a platform to do e-commerce business. To conduct e-commerce business on internet are now more easier and faster, has a few of medium from application that included in gadget can people use to sells goods.

2.0: E-TAILING IS A PART OF E-COMMERCE “E-commerce is stand for Electronic Commerce can clarify where all activities about selling and buying of product or services that has been conducted over the internet” SEARCHCIO (2005). E-tailing is a part of E-commerce, e-tailing also known as business-to-customer (B2C) transaction. E-tailing day by day became famous among small entrepreneurs especially who are new to run their business and does not have store or building to put the goods. Variety of goods has sold on the e-tailing through internet, much of goods are easier to get and buy because most of product we use in daily was has sell at the website that companies provide. Most of e-tailing website was success in to do e-commerce such as,,,, and continues growth by day. “Companies like was having success selling books and music CDs and that were the best sell on their website that
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