The Saas Marketing Strategies For Your Business

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SaaS marketers cannot afford to keep using the same old tactics.

The SaaS industry is a hub for innovation in digital marketing. The fastest-growing SaaS startups popularized growth hacking and effectively leveraged content marketing. Plus, they learned to how to turn growth in users to growth in revenue.

Competition is fierce. And today 's sales don 't always satisfy tomorrow 's revenue goals.

Therefore, SaaS marketers who subscribe to popular tactics may find themselves left behind. But how do you discover new marketing strategies for your business? The answer lies in testing.
Similar to your product team who relies on analytics and rapid testing to build the end product, your marketing team should rely on the same tools to refine user acquisition and customer retention.

"Testing is key – learning by trying. Marketing disciplines perform differently across industries. Plan, test and learn. Collate, document, provide and use data to enable effective planning and execution. And surround yourself with curators and be your own curator of what’s important," says, Jesper Termansen, CMO of Templafy.
Testing is key to a winning marketing plan. Let 's explore how your team can move your SaaS forward.

Why Testing Is So Important to SaaS Marketing

When Facebook launched their advertising platform, early marketers saw incredible ROI. But over time, more marketers flocked to the platform, quickly driving up the CPMs.

From November 2013 to November 2014, that cost shot up seven…
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