The Sacred Balance : Rediscovering Our Place

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According to an annual Gallup survey, “Americans are way more worried about water pollution than global warming, air pollution, or other major environmental concerns.” (Loughlin). Drinking polluted water will harm individuals and their families but global warming has not appeared to danger us and so we do not worry about it (Walker). In the article, The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature, by David Suzuki, it is indicated that humans have lost interconnectedness with nature. In other words, people have put importance to the more unnecessary things, which are the main causes for us consuming chemicals in food and creating dangerous pollution and diseases. The ignorance of our modernist society faces has led us all to severe problems. One should be more aware of what 's happening around us instead of just letting things happen. We must be more cautious so that we can live in a safe environment. Suzuki’s article focuses on how we have forgotten about connecting with the world around us. In the beginning Suzuki starts talking about the future, in which he said, “all that exists is the present and our memories of what is past, but by crating he notion of a future...” (Suzuki, 62). Our actions of today will shape how our future will be. Which he later talks about how we are one. Suzuki stated, “In such a world of interconnectedness, every action has consequences, and since we were part of that world, we had a responsibility…keep the world in order” (Suzuki, 62). He

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