The Sacred Romance Analysis

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The Sacred Romance which was written by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge talks about the many different parts and how God made us to feel and have life experiences that all effect our heart and how we perceive the world. One of the biggest parts of the book include the author talking about his roots and where he came from and this gave the whole book a more personal feel and when the author becomes vulnerable with what he shares makes this book more personal for everyone that reads the book. They talk about his life experiences and people that have been put in his life to shape him and that was because of God’s will and design for our lives. Within this book Curtis and Eldredge talk about this idea of arrows in our life and they come in and change ourselves and there are all sorts of reasons for having these and they will change our heart. Something that the author's channel their whole book around is the love from God for people on earth and God says that he even longs for us to be with him and have an intimate relationship with him. Many of the parts of the book all relate back to the idea of arrows in our life, sharing different life experiences that have influenced our life which could be certain people or adventures, and how the different parts of the book all fit well with each other. Through this book Curtis and Eldredge go through different parts of their life story and they talk about the arrows that have changed them as a person. They relate everything back to
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