Essay about The Saddest Character Wesley in Montana 1948

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Yuqian He

The Saddest Character Wesley in Montana 1948 In Montana 1948, Larry Watson mainly narrates a secret and catastrophic story happened in Hayden’s family which have high prestige in Bentrock Montana, 1948. In this novel, Watson stands on a twelve-year-old boy-David Hayden’s view to talk about family tragedy which results from his uncle Frank molesting many innocent Indian girls. Therefore, Hayden’s family is tormented by the moral dilemma; especially Wesley- the brother of Frank also the sheriff of Montana. By elaborating how this family scandal affects the characters’ emotional ups and downs and choices to push the story forward, Watson successfully shapes Wesley, one of main protagonists in Montana 1984,
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From this description, it is obvious that Wesley surrenders and caters his father’s wish accepting everything his father requires him to do: like to be a sheriff, which even is a struggling occupation for him. The job “Sheriff” likes a burden for him but he still chooses it because the job is what his father designates to him, and until Frank dies, after he moves out of Montana, gets rid of his father’s control, to the extent, he dismantles his suffering a little from his father’s autocracy. Second, Watson depicts Wesley hesitates in ambiguous choices to implies his struggling emotion behind his choices. When he gets into a new dilemma between his brotherhood Frank and his own justice, Wesley’s suffering and pain strength. For example, When his wife Gail tells him about Frank’s indecent deed to patient under the guise of treating, Wesley tires to defend his brother, like what he noted “ maybe she [Marie] doesn’t know what’s supposed to go on…(p34-35) But I knew it [some treatment seems like indent] was part of the exam,” (p35) and he even rather puts the blame on Marie, said “You know she [Marie] likes to make up stories.”(p35) At this particular part, readers can strongly feel that the words what he said to take sides his
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